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DXM (Dextromethorphan) is commonly taken above the recommended dosage by users seeking its dissociative effect.




Slang terms for DXM often correlate to the brands of cough medicine used, such as "tussin", "robo", "dex", "triple C's", and "skittles". Recreational use of DXM is frequently referred to in verb form as "dexing", "tussing", "roboing", "robotripping", or "robofrying".

Dextromethorphan has little to no psychological effect in the doses used medically, however, alteration of consciousness generally occurs following ingestion of approximately 7 to 50 times the therapeutic dose over a relatively short period of time.

DXM, when consumed in low recreational doses (usually under 200 mg), is often described as having a buoyant, vaguely psychedelic effect similar to a mixture of alcohol, opiates, and marijuana. This is often accompanied by a heightened appreciation for music, increased desire for socializing, and the feeling of floating. With higher doses, intense euphoria, vivid imagination, and CEV's may occur as bizarre feelings of dissociation increase. With very high doses, profound alterations in consciousness have been noted, and users often report out of body experiences or temporary psychosis.

Most users find such high doses to be extremely uncomfortable and are unwilling to repeat it.